Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bean Bag Bohemia Jewellery Exhibition

This range of jewellery was part of a collection that I produced for a group exhibition of up and coming jewellery designers

The inspiration for this collection was conceived by translating traditional African motifs into contemporary designs. These particular pieces were derived from a shield of the Dinka tribe from southern Sudan.

My First Collaboration with a Fashion Designer

This was a collaboration I initiated with a fashion design student for the Durban July Horse Race fashion competition. The ensemble consists of two armbands joined by multiple strands of chain with forged elements as spacers that drape across the models back.

There is also a single, long earring constructed with multiple forged elements linked in a pyramid structure.

The bottom row of elements were left to hang loose, with the result that as the model moved, there was a soft tinkling sound produced.

Client Make Ups

Split-shank Diamond Solitaire Ring

Mens Sterling Silver Ring

Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring

Blue Topaz and Diamond Dress Ring